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 [PF] Signature Item

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PostSubject: [PF] Signature Item   Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:40 pm

An old favorite ported over from 3.5e on the old boards. Very useful for low magic campaigns to keep your players geared without adorning them with a plethora of magical items.

Signature Item

When a character receives an item of masterwork quality they may select it as their signature item. This item is now capable of increasing in power as the character levels. Items with expendable charges (non-rechargeable) or are single-use cannot qualify as signature items. A character may only have one signature item at any time.

To increase the power of a signature item a character has two options:
  • Sacrifice a magical item for half its value and add this amount to your signature item.
  • When leveling, determine the average party wealth and compare this to the expected wealth for the party's level. If average party wealth is lower than expected wealth and the character that leveled is below their expected wealth per their level, they may add the difference in their current wealth to their signature item.

When the value stored in the signature item is high enough the character may upgrade their signature item. For example, when a character has stored a value greater than 8,000gp into their +1 Longsword they may then upgrade their signature item to a +2 Longsword or equivalent (+1 Flaming Longsword, etc.).
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[PF] Signature Item
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