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 [PF] Counterspell Variant

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PostSubject: [PF] Counterspell Variant   Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:03 pm

Counterspell [Move Action]

When a caster within line of sight casts a spell make an opposed caster level check. If you succeed the target(s) of the spell gain a +2 save/defense bonus or if you have the same spell prepared (or known) you may counter the spell instead. A caster that has their spell countered may extend their casting to a full round action and attempt a second caster level check at a +4 bonus. No spells are expended when countering in this manner and a countered spell is retained by the caster. Only one caster may be countered per counterspell action taken.

Spells enhanced with metamagic are more powerful than normal and gain a +4 bonus to the opposed caster level check.

  • New Feat: Reactive Counterspell (Prerequisite - Improved Initiative): As an immediate action you may attempt to react with improbably speed to a spell cast by your foe with brute magical force. You may attempt a Dispel Check with an appropriate counterspell of your own but expend the corresponding spell slot if successful. A spellcaster reactively countered in this way does not regain their cast spell.
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[PF] Counterspell Variant
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