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D6 (Fantasy/Space, Star Wars)
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 14% [ 4 ]
D20 (Modern, M&M, Star Wars, True)
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D&D 4e
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D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder
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 18% [ 5 ]
Fate (Anglere, Diaspora, Icons)
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Savage Worlds
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World of Darkness (Vampire, Werewolf, etc.)
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Other: Tell us more!
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 [OpenD6] Awareness Skills

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You have a knack for the creation of art, entertainment, and the crafting of items.
Specializations: By art medium, performance medium, or item type crafted.

Beast Handling
You have a way with animals and may easily control them. This includes the ability to ride, train them to perform tricks, and obey your commands.
Specializations: Command, ride, train, or beast type.

You may give orders to others and have them obeyed. This skill includes techniques for intimidation and interrogation as well as the coordination and training of large groups.
Specializations: Interrogation, intimidation, or by command group.

You're able to deceive others through fast-talk, misdirection, and disguise. This skill may also be used to see through cons.
Specializations: Bluff, disguise, fast-talk.

You can create and recognize false or altered documentation in its various forms, including counterfeiting.
Specializations: Specific kind of documentation.

You can gather information, research topics, analyze data, search an area thoroughly, and piece together clues.
Specializations: Analyze, gather info, research, or search.

You know how to plot safe courses across land, ocean, or interstellar space. When using a ship's navigational computer you may also plot courses through space.
Specializations: Interstellar, surface, or system.

You see things that often go unnoticed. Detect ambushes, gain insight into others, uncover lies, and spot anything hidden.
Specializations: Hidden, Insight, or Lies.

You have a way of speaking that others find pleasing. Bargain for goods, negotiate, and convince others.
Specializations: Bargain, Charm, or Negotiate.

You are adept at moving silently and avoiding detection, whether in shadows or crowds.
Specializations: Specific type of terrain.

You possess the ability to withstand exhaustion, stress, convincing arguments, mental attacks, and pain.
Specializations: Exhaustion, psi attacks, resist pain.
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[OpenD6] Awareness Skills
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