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 [OpenD6] Dexterity Skills

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PostSubject: [OpenD6] Dexterity Skills   Sat Aug 18, 2012 12:38 am


You possess a knack for balance, dance, and tumbling. This includes the ability to break falls and to escape grabs or holds.
Specializations: Balance, escape, dance, tumbling.

Brawling Parry
You are skilled at blocking hand-to-hand attacks.
Specializations: None.

You are able to deftly leap aside or duck deadly ranged attacks.
Specializations: None.

You have a unique mastery over all manner of surface vehicles.
Specializations: Type of vehicle.

Exotic Weapon
This represents a number of weapon skills that are so unique that they are required to be trained individually with the approval of the Game Master.

You are familiar with all types of commonly accessible high-speed firearms and wield them with great proficiency.
Specializations: Carbine, Pistol, or Rifle.

You have the unusual ability to otherwise propel yourself with great skill through the air by natural or artificial means.
Specializations: Flight-Pack, Glider, Wings, or Zero-G.

Melee Combat
You are skilled with wielding hand-to-hand weaponry.
Specializations: By melee weapon.

Melee Parry
You are adept at parrying attacks with your weapon or shield.
Specializations: By melee weapon.

Missile Weapons
You are proficient with the care and use of bows, crossbows, and other slow moving projectile-based weaponry.
Specializations: By missile weapon.

Sleight of Hand
You possess the uncanny ability to pick pockets, conceal items, palm items, perform tricks, escape hand restraints, and open mechanical locks.
Specializations: Conceal, escape, open locks, pick pockets, or tricks.

Thrown Weapons
Your skill with thrown items allows you to deal lethal damage with incredible accuracy.
Specializations: By thrown weapon.
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[OpenD6] Dexterity Skills
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