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Fate (Anglere, Diaspora, Icons)
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Savage Worlds
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World of Darkness (Vampire, Werewolf, etc.)
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 [OpenD6] Knowledge Skills

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You are familiar with the manners, customs, history, and social mores of different cultures. This includes your own as well as knowledge of other races.
Specializations: By culture.

You know how to apply corrosives and explosives to achieve particularly destructive effects. This skill may also be used to neutralize volatile mixtures and devices.
Specializations: Disarm, Improvised, and Set.

You possess an understanding of structures, vehicles, large weapon deployment, and complex design that yields valuable insight. Use this skill to create new designs. Constructing these new designs requires the Artisan skill.
Specializations: Armory, exo-suit, robotics, ship weapons, structures, systems, or vehicles.

Exotic Lore
This represents a number of lore skills that are so unique that they are required to be trained individually, with the approval of the Game Master.

You have a natural talent for picking up and understanding all forms of communication.

You are highly skilled at the treatment of injuries, illnesses, and rehabilitation. This includes knowledge of medical procedures, drugs, and surgery.
Specializations: By patient species.

You are adept at navigating bureaucracy to gain information, favors, and other goals. This skill includes knowledge of laws, governments, and other legitimate authorities.
Specializations: Specific government or special branch.

You are a highly educated person and possess knowledge across a wide spectrum of topics that include economics, history, literature, mathematics, and science.
Specializations: By field of study.

You have the ability to delve the darkest strata of society to utilize criminals to gain illegal information, illicit favors, or illicit goods. This includes knowledge and the ability to gain knowledge of criminal groups.
Specializations: By illicit trade or criminal group.

You are familiar with the deployment of military forces and maneuvering them to the best advantage.
Specializations: Fleet, Planetary, Spec-Forces, Squadron.

You are adept at appraising goods, how to make money from other skills, and possess knowledge of the most profitable trade routes and ports of call.
Specializations: Appraisal, merchant, smuggling.
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[OpenD6] Knowledge Skills
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