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 Using the Calendar: Post Your Game Days and Events!

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PostSubject: Using the Calendar: Post Your Game Days and Events!   Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:39 pm

In the column to your right you will see the Calendar (as well as a link in the menu bar above). One of the built-in features for the new message board is the ease of posting game days/events linked to the days on the calendar. So all someone has to do is glance at the calendar (working on the visibility of the link color now) to see if there are any events that week and then click on the event post which will take them directly to your event with all the details.

To create an event click 'New Post' in any forum (ideally one that is related to your event). Scroll down and you will find 3 expandable bars: Options, Calendar, and Add a Poll (if this option is available). Expand the Calendar bar by clicking the '+' sign. You will now see options to select the date, time, and duration of your event. Title your event posting and provide details in the text box above and you're all set!

I haven't found a way to create repeatable events this way yet, so I may need to create a forum for game night event postings just to keep other forums from being cluttered. On the up side its a great way to communicate and discuss game nights in case there is a change that week in the day and time of your game.

I'm going to post this week's game night for Aaron's campaign as an example, which will link to this post.

Cheers all!

P.S. - You can also click on the 'calender' link and it will take you to an enlarged calender for that month and will display all event-links for each day.
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Using the Calendar: Post Your Game Days and Events!
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